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Lab. CourseApplications for the third session of the lab course
(begins in October; held weekly on Saturdays) will be accepted starting July 25

Lab course

Lab course (weekly courses for four months + two months of development): Web service developer course: Global Geek audition, Android developer course Teaches practical skills and trains pro engineers capable of creating web services. After students learn the fundamental curriculum, they are offered a choice between the web service developer’s course and the Android developer’s course. Following a four-month intensive study of everything from server-side (PHP & Ruby on Rails) to front-end (Javascript & HTML 5) platforms, students will undertake a two-month graduation project, where leading active engineers & mentors will offer tutorials on GitHUB and provide complete coaching up to the launch of the service.
In the final “Global Geek Operation,” various businesses and seed accelerators will evaluate the services students have created, leading to a chance for the students to be scouted and receive investment funding

Admission Fee

Deferred payment of tuition

Entrance fee: 50,000 yen;
tuition: 200,000 yen (plus tax)

  • *Tuition must be paid at the end of two months of classes (partial payments).
  • *If, by the end of two months of classes, you have decided you do not have sufficient ability and will not continue with the course, tuition will not be assessed.

Entrance Qualification

Beginners’ orientation

Maximum capacity: 50

  • *Students are required to pass a review before admission. Classes will be held even if the number of attendees who fulfill our established standards does not meet full class capacity.
  • *The review will include a multiple-choice exam examining participants’ planning abilities & capacity for logical thought.


  • Daisuke Yamazaki

    Daisuke Yamazaki

    A creator active on the front lines of the business world who has appeared in a variety of IT-related media; the only Microsoft MVP in Asia (one of 9 in the world) for two years running (for Bing Maps Development). Lecturer at the Digital Hollywood graduate school. Active in popularizing not only Bing, but HTML5 and other web-related technologies; author of books and serialized features dealing with IT media. Author of Responsive Web Design: An Intensive Course on SUPER Hands-on Design (Softbank) and The jQuery Lesson Book: Supports jQuery2.x/1.x (Socym), as well as the continuing feature “Create HTML5 Apps!” at @IT.

  • Gaku Takeno

    Gaku Takeno

    Born in Tokyo. Majored in French literature; after graduation, studied web design & programming. Later, as a programmer, handled various aspects of website development for a variety of internet firms. Currently freelances as an engineer, working in Android app & website development & direction.

Independent Study Spaces

  • Digital Hollywood

    Digital Hollywood

    Digital Hollywood, a vocational school for creators, is the parent firm of G’s Academy. Enrollees in G’s Academy will have full access to Digital Hollywood workspaces during working days in our three studios in Ochanomizu, Shibuya, and Shinjuku.
    (Workspaces unavailable for use on certain days; please check our classroom schedules.)

  • Samurai Incubate

    Samurai Incubate

    The Samurai Incubate facilities in Tennozu are also available for use to up to three students at a time. Engineers looking to launch a startup can make great use of these facilities, and even make new professional connections.

Weekly FlowWeekly flow of classes, communication, and the Digital Hollywood online school

  • Weekly Flow
  • After your weekly Saturday (or Sunday) class, you can work on your assignment while receiving support for our tutors, which will allow you to get a handle on the size of your assignment and its degree of difficulty. In the week following, you’ll come to grips with your programming assignment, and you’ll have until 23:59 the day before the next class to use the version control tools to upload your assignment. Also, before the next class begins, you can use our “flipped classroom” system to prepare for the session by reviewing Digital Hollywood teaching materials and taking a self-check test. There are also Partner Study sessions planned for each group where you can learn from fellow students.
    Approximately 8 to 15 hours will be required for each weekly assignment. We realize that busy working adults have many responsibilities, but our system is designed for students who are serious about their work. Hard work here will without a doubt reap benefits for you in the future.


Applying for the information seminar
We will be holding an information seminar for those who wish to join G’s Academy.
Please use the form to apply. (Free; by reservation only)

Apply for the information seminar


G’s Academy Tokyo
Course (admission by application):
Lab course, first session Classes start April 2015; held every Saturday
Class Location:
Shibuya Hikarie, 17F; inside Leverages (2-21-2 Shibuya, Tokyo 150-8510)
Managing Company:
Digital Hollywood Co. Ltd.
03-5289-9266 (Closed Mondays) Digital Hollywood Tokyo main campus
Head Office Address:
4-6 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0062 Ochanomizu Sola City Academia, 4F