G's Academy Tokyo

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  1. Point1

    Mentoring from leading businesses

    After learning the fundamentals, aim to create a finished web service during a two-month, one-on-one mentorship.

  2. Point2

    Potential start-up investment of up to 4.8 million yen

    Samurai Incubate will provide support for budding entrepreneurs (after review).

  3. Point3

    A warm welcome for beginners: Deferred payment for tuition.

    Learn not through rote memorization, but hands-on creation. Payment of tuition is deferred to help out beginners.


Become a geek with the power to change the world.

Right now, brand-new web services and entertainment are being created by engineers all over the world.
Their weapons? Ideas and programming.
Ideas for new, thrilling games.
Ideas for web services that will make the world smile.
Ideas for potentially profitable new businesses.
All those ideas you have stored away—
you know you should have professional-level programming skills to make them reality.

We want to give as many young people as possible an opportunity to study programming—
and, if they like, to go on to create web services and apps for a global audience.

That’s why Digital Hollywood
created G’s Academy Tokyo—a place just for engineers.
Are you an absolute beginner? No problem!
Start by experiencing the joy of pure programming,
then receive mentoring from leading active engineers
and develop original web services & apps.

After graduation, we offer a wide variety of support from businesses & seed accelerators—
support for everything from finding a job to starting your own business.

Join us—open the door to geekdom today!


  • Lab Course

    Lab Course

    Web Services Developer Course

    Android App Developer Course

    A programmer development course for beginners, centered on a weekend model. Master basic programming in four months through hands-on weekly assignments, then develop an actual web service under a two-month mentorship, with the goal of finding employment or launching your own business. The course will be split into web service & app classes—but not until your fourth session, so there’s no need to choose between classes right when you register. You’ll choose what you want to create during your third session, which will determine which course path you’ll subsequently follow.

  • Academy Course

    Academy Course

    Game developer course

    Learn the basics with full-day classes in this genuine game programmer development course, which focuses on the development of native app games for a global audience—covering everything from planning to app development. Support from leading Japanese businesses is scheduled to be provided.


  • Base
  • Microsoft
  • Asial
  • Mercari
  • SekaiLab
  • Ameba
  • LIG Inc.
  • Samurai Incubate Inc.
  • Leverages
  • Goodpatch
  • SAKURA Internet


Applying for the information seminar
We will be holding an information seminar for those who wish to join G’s Academy.
Please use the form to apply. (Free; by reservation only)

Apply for the information seminar


G’s Academy Tokyo
Course (admission by application):
Lab course, first session Classes start April 2015; held every Saturday
Class Location:
Shibuya Hikarie, 17F; inside Leverages (2-21-2 Shibuya, Tokyo 150-8510)
Managing Company:
Digital Hollywood Co. Ltd.
03-5289-9266 (Closed Mondays) Digital Hollywood Tokyo main campus
Head Office Address:
4-6 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0062 Ochanomizu Sola City Academia, 4F